These may be also present in users and internet dating sites

These may be also present in users and internet dating sites

Normally unlike writing down the language i abbreviate or create acronyms otherwise categories of initials to say the exact same thing. Let me reveal a listing of the greater common page groupings when you are considering these are Sado maso and you will submission.

: In the discussions, addressing a response to that customer’s report : Addressing a response to the initial Blog post (and/otherwise Poster)

BBW: Huge Beautiful Lady * BD: Slavery and you will Abuse * BDSM: General name making reference to the whole selection of D/s; a keen amalgamation off abbreviations:

  • BD: Bondage and you may Abuse
  • D/s: Prominence and you may submitting
  • S/m: Sado-masochism

BFD: Large Banging Package * BRB – Become Right Backmonly utilized whenever IMing * BS: Bullshit! * BUMP: Within the dialogue, a good «bump» are entering an answer whoever just purpose would be to offer the fresh new thread to the top of the list. * BYOT: Take your Own Playthings (helps in avoiding give out-of illness)

FEM: Abbrev. for «female», like in FEM DOM. * FFF, FMF, FMM, etc: Makes reference to «threesomes», F to own girls, M to have men. * FFS: To possess Fucks Sake * FtM: Females to help you Male transgender (discover TG note) * FUBAR: Fucked Upwards Beyond All of the Recognition * FUMTU: Fucked Right up Over Common * FWIW: For what It is Worth * FYI: To suit your Recommendations

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